Ramp set made of plastic

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  • RZ10154
  • 60,00 kg
  • Angebot richtet sich ausschießlich an Gewerbetreibende!
Individual ramps / chocks made of PEHV plastic The load capacity is up to 15 to * per... more
Product information "Ramp set made of plastic"

Individual ramps / chocks made of PEHV plastic

  • The load capacity is up to 15 to * per ramp set.
  • Our ramps are made individually for our customers according to requirements and specifications (load weight, approach height and type of access) and always consist of high-quality PE plastic.
  • Depending on the construction and construction type, the weight and the construction method vary.
  • The ramps can be moved manually using handle loops (up to 4 pieces per ramp / depending on the weight) and have an anti-slip cut on the driving surface.
  • When driving with unprotected tracked vehicles, protection should always be provided by wooden planks or the likewill.

Ask us about your required size, give us the required height / weight and approach angle and we will be happy to make you a suitable offer.

* These are guidelines. The actual load depends on the soil class / nature of the soil as well as the contact surfaces and the number of pressure points. The size / base area of the ramps must always be adapted to the conditions found; if necessary, a floor report and a load statics must be created. The ramps are to be secured against slipping.
We point out that the use of the Pro
Products must be adapted to the local conditions and the materials used. No guarantee can be given for this.

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